Dutch Touch Soccer Academy
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Dutch Touch Soccer Academy
  The Dutch Touch Training Academy provides a soccer education for the individual and team oriented players. It also allows the players to develop and maximize their skills to higher levels. The ultimate goal is for them to eventually have an opportunity to play high school, college or, for some, reach the pro level. Our soccer training is based on the 4 pillars of soccer.
Technical   The skill and mechanics required for soccer, essentially body and ball control including the use of both feet and mastering the fundamentals.

Tactical   The decision making and problem solving aspects of soccer. Reading the game with and without the ball. Developing an understanding of Team concepts and formations essentially when and how to use the technical skills during the game.

Athletic   The endurance, agility, speed, reaction, strength, power and balance needed for soccer. Preparation to meet the physical demands of soccer. Essentially the ability to perform a technical skill and to apply tactics throughout the game. When and how to use the technical skills during the game.

Mental   The discipline, leadership, pride and trust essential for match conditions. Composed in the face of adversity from opponents. Essentially the mental aspects for getting the most out the players from the technical, tactical, and athletic pillars for competitive success.

  Last, but not least, is the soccer player understanding the demands and dedication required to achieving any goal. In order to do that, he or she must be fully committed, giving nothing less than a full effort, typically, with sacrifices and great work ethic.

Proper nutrition to fuel your body for playing soccer, proper rest and self training on a daily basis can help you being successful and raises your self-esteem and confidence level and life skills.
  “Talent in the absence of hard work is worth nothing, but talent with hard work is a dynamite combination”.
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